Frequent questions

Our answers to frequently asked questions

Order and payment

Do the displayed prices include VAT?

Yes, depending on the country from which the order is placed, the price in the web shop is shown with the corresponding national VAT.

What payment options does the customer have?

In the webshop we offer payment by credit card, Klarna and direct bank transfer.

How secure is shopping on the webshop?

When shopping on the webshop, we transmit the personal data that the buyer sends to us, encrypted via the very secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) procedure. This ensures that third parties cannot read the data.

What personal customer data is stored?

Customer data is stored on high-security servers exclusively for order processing and future customer support. This includes order-related data such as item, payment method, billing and shipping address.

Who can order Dornbracht ReCrafted products?

In principle, anyone interested with a delivery address within the following markets can order Dornbracht ReCrafted products: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic.

Why can I order only a maximum of three products in the store?

The Dornbracht ReCrafted product range is primarily aimed at private households. Therefore, we have included the quantity limit. If you are interested in larger order quantities, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: We will then check the possibilities.

Delivery and warranty

To which countries does Dornbracht deliver ReCrafted products?

We initially deliver exclusively to the following EU markets: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

Are the shipping costs included in the product price?

No, at check-out the shipping costs are displayed transparently depending on the delivery address and product selection.

What is the delivery time of ReCrafted products?

All products that are shown as available in the webshop are in stock and will be prepared for shipment after payment is received. After placing the order, the buyer will receive a DHL tracking number to track the package.

Can I track the delivery?

After the order is shipped, the buyer will receive a DHL tracking number to track the package.

What warranty does Dornbracht offer me for the products?

Dornbracht grants a five-year warranty on all products, regardless of whether they are new or ReCrafted products, subject to certain conditions, e.g. installation by a specialist tradesman. 

Warranty conditons

Can I return a delivered item?

The 14-day right of withdrawal from the date of delivery also applies to ReCrafted products according to §§ 312g, 355 BGB. After that, purchased items can be returned via the returns function in our webshop. Here we work together with our logistics partner DHL.

What happens if a product arrives damaged?

If a product arrives damaged, affected customers can call us at +49 2371 8899 951, or contact us by email Depending on the damage, we may first ask for a photo and then return of the product. The usual warranty claims for defects, such as supplementary performance or rescission, also apply to us in the webshop.

Products and installation

Do the finish colours and images in the web store correspond exactly to the item condition?

The color representation may differ depending on the computer screen, cell phone or tablet display. Therefore, the product images, drawings or illustrations shown in the web store are not binding.

What is included in the scope of delivery?

The scope of delivery for Dornbracht ReCrafted products is listed in detail in the product description.

Can I install the products myself?

For safety reasons, the installation and connection of products to the water pipe, for example in Germany, may only be carried out by a trained specialist tradesman. We strongly recommend that you commission an appropriate professional with the installation and connection.

Are the products original Dornbracht products?

Yes, we authenticate the products when we take them back at our plant in Iserlohn as part of the remanufacturing process. Only original Dornbracht products with origin from our factory in Iserlohn are offered in the web store.

Do I get a certificate confirming the ecological origin of a ReCrafted product?

For this purpose, a Dornbracht-own certificate is enclosed with the packaging, on which we document the origin.

What is the exact ecological advantage of my new ReCrafted product vs. a conventional Dornbracht product?

The production of Dornbracht ReCrafted products eliminates the consumption of new brass raw material as well as the energy-intensive production of the body in the foundry, the subsequent deburring as well as thread cutting, plus the corresponding transports.

Taking back used Dornbracht fittings

What does Dornbracht pay me for taking back my products?

Repurchase against payment is not part of the ReCrafted concept. We make it possible to return the products free of charge and save you from having to dispose of and scrap them. Through the possible reuse, you support the idea of sustainability and thus make a valuable contribution to the environment. We dispose of components that are not suitable for reconditioning in a professional manner.

Can Dornbracht refuse to take back my Dornbracht products?

There is currently no legal obligation to take back products. We take back our products voluntarily out of responsibility towards the environment and to conserve resources.

Is there a transparent take-back price list?

Since we do not offer refunds for used fittings that are returned, there is no take-back price list.

Do I have to buy Dornbracht products in order to return old Dornbracht products?

No, the return of used Dornbracht fittings is possible regardless of a new purchase.

Which products can I return?

All original Dornbracht products can be returned.

How exactly does the return of Dornbracht fittings work?

The return of Dornbracht fittings can be requested via the contact form or by e-mail We will then coordinate a return label for printing or a corresponding QR code via our logistics partner DHL. The product should be well protected against transport damage and can then be sent to us via DHL.

Will I receive a certificate when I return the product that confirms its ecological reuse?

At the start of the project, this is not provided. However, we will send a confirmation email / thank you note to the email address provided after receiving the return.

What happens to the products I return but which are not reused?

These products are disassembled and properly recycled or disposed of as components.

If Dornbracht cannot reuse my products, isn't it ecologically better to dispose of them immediately instead of returning them to Dornbracht?

If used products are sent directly for disposal without professional evaluation, the opportunity for remanufacturing and thus a second product life remains unused. Furthermore, in the case of materials that cannot be reused, we ensure proper, separate disposal of the material components.

Is it also possible to return ReCrafted products at a later date in order to refurbish them?

Yes, reconditioning is possible as long as the material thickness of the fitting body is sufficient for this. In line with our quality requirements, we have defined tolerance values for this.