Dornbracht products are particularly durable. That is why we give a voluntary, extended manufacturer's guarantee of 5 years for these products. This is based on the general Dornbracht warranty conditions. These apply equally to Dornbracht ReCrafted products if they have been fitted and installed by a specialist tradesman.

"Our promise: 5-year manufacturers' guarantee".

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Dornbracht AG & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "Dornbracht") provides a manufacturer's warranty to consumers for products of the "Dornbracht" brand which Dornbracht has manufactured itself or has had manufactured by a subcontractor, in addition to the statutory warranty to which the consumer is entitled vis-à-vis its seller. A "consumer" is any natural person or legal entity who is the owner of the product. However, the person may not install the product on third parties for the purpose of resale or in the course of his or her commercial or self-employed professional activity.

Warranty period

The Dornbracht manufacturer's warranty comes into effect on 01.01.2022. It is valid exclusively for products of the "Dornbracht" brand which were purchased by the original customer after 01.01.2022. The term of the guarantee begins on the day on which the first customer who wishes to make use of the guarantee has purchased a product of the "Dornbracht" brand. The date of purchase must be proven by the proof of purchase in the form of an original invoice. The original invoice must necessarily show the date of purchase.

Dornbracht guarantees consumers that "Dornbracht" brand products are free from material, manufacturing and design defects. In order to make a claim under the Dornbracht manufacturer's warranty, the defective product must already have exhibited the defect that caused the damage at the time of dispatch. Claims for compensation for consequential damage or from product liability exist only in accordance with the mandatory statutory provisions.

This guarantee is valid for all products of the "Dornbracht" brand for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase shown on the original invoice, but for a maximum of 6 years after manufacture.
The warranty period shall not be extended by making a claim for services under the warranty. In particular, this does not apply to repairs or replacements. The guarantee also ends for spare parts on the date defined above. The warranty period shall not start anew in any case.

Written error message

The consumer can assert the rights arising from this manufacturer's warranty against Dornbracht or the dealer from whom the original customer purchased the product by giving written notice of the defect within the term of the warranty. The prerequisite is that the consumer must report the defect within two months of the defect being detected or the consumer should have detected the defect. The consumer has the obligation to prove with the help of the original receipt that the warranty has not expired. This is a mandatory requirement for claiming under the Dornbracht manufacturer's warranty.

Services in the event of a warranty claim

Dornbracht is free to repair the product, replace it or refund the purchase price to the consumer. If the consumer has the defective product repaired by a specialist technician on site, Dornbracht's prior consent is required. In this case, the Dornbracht manufacturer's warranty covers the free delivery of the necessary replacement parts. If Dornbracht decides by written agreement to carry out the repair itself, Dornbracht will bear the costs incurred for spare parts, installation and its own labour costs, as well as possible expenses for transport or dispatch of the product. The consumer must make the product accessible to Dornbracht.

In the event of a possible complete replacement, the old product will be replaced free of charge with a new product of the same type, quality and type. If the product concerned is no longer manufactured at the time the fault is reported, Dornbracht is entitled to supply a similar product. Only with the prior consent of Dornbracht may any transport or shipment to and from Dornbracht or to and from the dealer, any reinstallation of the products or any dismantling, as well as any other special measures, take place. If Dornbracht agrees to the intended measures, Dornbracht will bear the costs incurred in carrying out the measures.
The consumer shall return the product when Dornbracht has confirmed the refund of the purchase price in writing. Dornbracht will subsequently refund the purchase price paid for the product.


The warranty claim does not apply to:

Wear parts, e.g. seals, O-rings, soap dispensers, due to wear;
fragile parts, e.g. glass, light bulbs, due to breakage;
consumables, e.g. batteries, filters or aerators, through use;
minor deviations of Dornbracht products from the specified condition, which have no influence on the utility value of the product;
Dirt deposits, water hammer, especially hot water hammer, limescale deposits, operating and handling errors, damage caused by aggressive environmental influences, chemicals, cleaning agents;
Defects in the product caused by installation, transport and trial operation of the purchased item as well as
Products installed in environments with a high chlorine content, e.g. swimming pools.
exhibition products, etc.

The validity of the guarantee ends

if the installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions handed out or available at www.Dornbracht.com are not observed;
if the installation, maintenance, repair or care has not been carried out by a skilled craftsman;
in the event of product damage caused by the seller, installer or third parties;
in the case of damage caused by normal wear and tear or deliberate damage;
in the event of damage caused by negligence, contributory negligence shall be taken into account by mutual agreement;
in the event of improper installation or commissioning;
in the event of insufficient or faulty maintenance;
in the case of products which have not been or are not being used in accordance with their intended purpose;
in the event of damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters, in particular but not exclusively in the event of floods, fires or frost damage.

Non-intervention of the warranty

If a product defect is not covered by the warranty, the costs incurred in shipping and transporting the product shall be borne by the consumer. The consumer must also bear the costs incurred by inspections of the product, the costs of removal or reinstallation, as well as possible labour costs.

If the consumer wishes to have the product repaired despite being informed that the guarantee does not apply, he must bear the additional costs for spare parts and labour.

Final provisions

This warranty applies to any future owner of the product who is a consumer, to the extent and subject to the conditions set out above.

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